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Golf Putter Laser Pointer

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The Golf Putter Laser Pointer helps you find the right stroke for you, ensure a finishing stroke, and align the length of your stroke. This is absolutely the most accurate and useful putting training aid to maximize your golf skills.

It has a laser that is so cool to watch and has nearly everything you need in training aid for putting. The laser gives you visual feedback and can be used to correct multiple swing issues that are widely the dilemmas for the majority of golfers.This amazing technology is suitable for any types of putter shafts.

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16 reviews for Golf Putter Laser Pointer

    William M.
    Bought this for the offseason as my putting is definitely the worst part of my game. Shipping was fast, customer service GREAT, tool is easy to install and the instructions (on a mat that is provided) are very simple to follow. Can't wait to see how my game improves before the start of the next season!
    Jason K.
    I hardly ever write reviews, but this product impressed me. By far the best putting aid I've seen, and I've seen a lot. There are others that can provide face angle, path, and tempo feedback- but not all in one package. What makes the laser putt so good is not only the instant visual feedback, but also the lack of physical feed back that you would get with other path/face angle training aids (rails, arcs, etc..) With the laser putt, I can freely hit putts without any opposing forces. I can't wait to use it with my students. Thanks for making such a great product!
    Chris R.
    I've been diligently using the Laser Putt training aid for several weeks now and have to say, it's awesome. I have worked with several pros that have used similar devices and this was the best product offering / value I could find out there. It shipped very quickly and was easy to set up with the included alignment mat. I have it attached to my backup putter and use it daily at home to build muscle memory. Both the red and green lasers are very bright and easy to see. I find that the laser helps my alignment tremendously, and makes it very easy to control the length of my stroke and also keep my head still. Keeping the green line straight through the ball ensures that I am making consistent contact and the results have been incredible. I am a +1 handicap and have had 2 of the best putting rounds of my career since I started working with this device. I use this in conjunction with a Putting T-Bar to keep my shoulders square, and it's literally impossible to make a bad stroke. It's easy to build muscle memory and end up with a great stroke out on the course.
    Michael Y.
    My son purchased this Laser Putt for me because I was having difficulty with my eyesight. I used to be a terrific putter and that deteriorated especially compared with my nationally ranked golfing son. So he purchased this device for me. With practice, I have improved considerably and changed my stance and grip due to this device. I had some difficulty with the device as the twisting knob to tighten it onto the putter shaft broke off. But the company stood by the product and shipped me a new one. They were concerned that this happened to my device and intend on working on the manufacturing so that this does not happen again. I love it when a company stands by their product 100%. Laser Putt is quite simple to use. As the literature with the device points out, it is difficult to use outside in bright sunlight as it is difficult to see the green lines and red dots. But on low pile carpeting indoors, it is terrific for practice and for practice on a putting green in the shade or evening twilight. This was a fantastic gift from my son.
    Dian Y.
    I've been using this product for 3 months now and still love the product and use it a few times a week. I use it along with a big moss putting green and the Pelz Putting tutor to practice putting at home. My putting path was way too inside on back stroke and outside on follow through which I could never identify until I had the laser.
    Lian H.
    Outstanding device! I'm a single digit handicap, but my putting consistency has always held me back. I tend to 'cut my putts' and am rarely confident beyond 5 feet. Just two weeks practicing with this and I'm rolling the ball perfectly. I'd recommend drawing a line around each practice ball to assure you're rolling the ball correctly when the device isn't on. For any reviews stating that the device is 'poorly made', imagine what you'd consider a 'well made' metal device weighing down your putter.... this has to be made of plastic or titanium, and titanium would put it out of the price range for just about everyone. Just don't over tighten the screw, the device does not need to be extremely tight on shaft to work.
    Sam N.
    Works very well
    Mike L.
    Solid product -- the lazer beam extends about two feet fore and aft of the putter face. I purchased it to make sure my putter face was square to the target, and I'm pleased with the purchase.
    Christina B
    It really helps you form a correct or improved swing through and putter "pressure" - we saw a big improvement in our score. It's small enough to practice in the living room :-)
    Donna T
    I purchased this as a birthday gift for my husband. He was very excited over it as he had read that many of the pro golfers practice with this. Has a precise laser pointing the way to the hole to improve accuracy. He is thrilled to have it!
    Tony A.
    Great Product & Great Service... Using the Laser Putt I have grooved my stroke and in turn have made more putts from length than ever before. The 3-5 footers that I would occasionally lip out, just seem to roll in dead center now. What I realized is I was holding my face open through impact, in effect slicing across and not putting a true roll on the ball. After using the lasers I was immediately able to see my error and proceeded to start making everything!!!
    Jack M.
    I was a so so putter for 30 years without a clue how to putt better or more consistently. And now for the first time I can see why; held the putter too tight, closed stance, poor body alignment, inconsistent ball striking (all over the face), not square at contact (push and pull). But within 15 minutes of working with the Laser Putt I was draining 8 foot putts one after another. It took a couple hours to be able to use my putter to get the same results without the putting aid laser turned on. But now putting is fun for the first time in quite a while. I'm thinking of taking it out on the course (and yes, I know it's not within the USGA rules). If you want to learn how to putt, this is the best tool out there.
    Doug N.
    I found the Laser-Putt by researching similar items on Web. I had an idea in mind of how I wanted a laser training aid for my putting. The Laser-Putt looked like it would do the job I wanted. The product was also the highest rated unit I found. I ordered a unit to investigate further. My package arrived several days sooner than expected which was very nice. Over the past two days, I've become acquainted with my laser-putt. To this point, I feel the laser-putt is an excellent training aid, it does exactly what I was hoping for and more. Discovering the red dot feature was an added bonus that I like very much. It's a good product and I have already recommended it to friends of mine. Good job Laser-Putt !
    Richard P
    :) I bought 2 for my wife and myself!
    Ben A.
    I love this!
    John T
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