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Neon Phosphor Powder Nail Glitter 10Pcs


High brightness! Creating beautiful nail for long lasting sparkle nail art design.
Put it in the sunshine or the lamp, then it will shine in the dark.
It can be used with a variety of varnishes and resins together, made luminous paint.
It can be used as acrylic powder or mix with acrylic powder for acrylic use.
It can be used with nail polish or UV gel to create a outstanding effect.
You can use the Nail Fluorescent Powder to decorate your nail or body to enjoy the evening party, such as Halloween, Christmas, Carnival and so on.

Note: powder can’t use with water directly,  ideal for use with varnish oil or clear polish.
3 methods to make it fluorescent:
1. Showing under the sunshine at least 5-10 mins
2. Showing under the light at least 15-30 mins
3. Showing under UV light will fluorescent directly.


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