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Orginal Twisty Glass Blunt



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Smaller but still baller

The Mini is designed for people who enjoy a smaller toke. Whether you only need the occasional hit, or you just enjoy long slow pulls that don’t overwhelm you, the 50% smaller cherry on the TwistyTM Glass Mini is the gentle hit you’ve been waiting for

Portability to the extreme

The Mini is also great for the smoker who has a smaller amount of herb. At 2 gram, the capacity is within range of almost anyone, and you still get all the great features of the original TwistyTM Glass Blunt.

Replacement Glass Available!

Glass breaks. It’s a fact of life, but don’t worry, get to our usashopy store to order replacements anytime. Or better yet, just order our TwistyTM Glass Mini Combo Pack to get two spare glass tubes included, as well as a zipper carry pouch to carry it all conveniently.

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